2010’s Hottest Girls

The year may still be 2009, but the hot girls this year are already played out. The current ladies already have crow’s feet, saggy titbags and used up bodies. So what can men do?

Make a list of the HOTTEST GIRLS OF 2010!

The girls of 2010 are still cooling off from the oven, so while they may be a little bit raw, they are smoking hot. How did I pick 2010’s hottest girls when it is still only 2009? I looked for the prettiest ladies available who are still fresh-looking. The wonderful thing about time and human population is that each year, more hot girls are born than the year before. Join me in celebrating the 2010’s hottest girls!

Cory Kennedy: Hot Girl of 2010
Cory Kennedy: Hot Girl of 2010

Cory Kennedy is a new-fangled socialite. She was “discovered” by photographer Mark Hunter, who used her as an intern and quickly started to date her at the barely legal age of 16. Now 18, this foxy girl is an icon for female hipsters (an enviable position, to be sure).

2010s Hottest Girls- New Talents!
2010's Hottest Girls- New Talents!

The hot girls of 2010 can’t just be pretty; they also need some… flexible talents.

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is one of my hot girls of 2010 because of her eyes and her smile. Ms. Panettiere plays a cheerleader on NBC’s “Heroes” television show and is the cover girl for Neutrogena’s global ad campaign. The only concern with hot girls of 2010 is that they still might have pimples, but we certainly don’t need to worry about that with Hayden.


Very difficult for me to avoid including a demotivational poster in a post, even if it is one about 2010’s hottest girls.

Full bodied beauty
Full bodied Brazilian beauty

Nothing will make you excited about 2010 like the hot, curvy woman above!

Gorgeous porcelain baby
Gorgeous porcelain baby

Ary is a sexy beauty that you should allow to ripen until 2010- she’s only 17 right now. Yes Plato, I realize that the age of consent in Washington is 16, but wouldn’t that delectable mango taste better with a little waiting?

Satans Daughter
Satan's Daughter

Why have I called someone on my 2010’s hottest girls list Satan’s Daughter? Because any red-blooded man would sell his soul for her.

Hot Girls of 2010: Princess
Hot Girls of 2010: Princess

She’s celebrating 2010 early.

Those are my early front-runners for hottest girls of 2010. 2010 is going to be a very good year! What do you think?

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