2016 Review

2016 was a great year for me in general. The best highlight was my marriage to Laurel! I am extremely happy with her.

Coalition did about as well as it did in 2015, mostly because we had a frivolous lawsuit to deal with that consumed a lot of my time. However, we won that lawsuit and were awarded attorneys fees. Once that period was over with, our business has really started to boom again. We had our best Q4 on record! Hopefully, that momentum will carry through into 2017.

Physically, I had some issues with my knees that caused me to stop running. I feel like I have regressed a little bit in overall strength and endurance, but my rock climbing is pretty solid. I would like to push fully into the 5.12 rock climbing territory in 2017.

Mentally, I read a ton of books and did some really serious programming, launching multiple new systems for Coalition.

Emotionally, I made the strongest advances as I now call a family member or friend every day on my commute to work and from work. I also have married Laurel as I mentioned before, which has provided me a lot of stability.

Financially, I have done decently well, but would like to improve my investment strategies in the future.

In the world as a whole, there is a lot of change happening

  • Artificial intelligence made enormous breakthroughs and I think we are just a few years out from full general intelligence rising and humans being displaced as the apex predator on our planet.
  • The world political and economic order has regressed globally and extremists are rising to power everywhere from the Middle East to our own country with Trump’s election.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.