4 SEO Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

Every web designer who has read a blog post or two on SEO now claims to be an expert.  How does the layperson discern which web designer truly has the SEO chops to take her site to the top of rankings?  Ask the following simple SEO questions any decent SEO technician would know the answers to:

  1. What is the key element to remember when transferring a site from an old shopping cart to a new one?
  2. How do you determine if a site has rankings-killing duplicate content?
  3. What are the best results you’ve achieved for an actual SEO client? Show domain & keywords & strategy.
  4. What is your SEO process?


  1. 301 Redirect the old URLs to new product URLs on a page by page basis.
  2. Do an exact phrase match search on Google with a unique phrase from a given page
  3. Here’s where the BS artists get caught.  I moved a site to #1 for “women’s swimwear” and increased their organic search revenues by over 12x in a twelve month period.
  4. They should start by going through a discovery phase to learn about your business and how you sell your products/services offline.  They should then do the keyword research, followed by on page optimization, copywriting, online PR and link building.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.