5 Activities for Seattle’s Summer Heat

The weather is scorching in Seattle this week and since most Seattlites lack air conditioning, we are doing anything we can to stay cool. If you are running low on ideas of how to avoid sweating in your home/sauna, check out my 5 suggestions to beat the heat:

  • If you’re an office drone, work longer hours in the air conditioned space. What’s worse, heat stroke at home or going postal at work?
  • Eat spicy Mexican food. Peppers have been shown to make people sweat more, helping to cool you off.
  • Catch up on your reading at the local library. Libraries are usually cool and always free!
  • Swim at Madison beach on Lake Washington with all the hipsters and college kids. Something to look at for everyone: cute blonde college girls and hulking tattooed freakshows.
  • Visit a hotel pool for free. Google “Seattle Hotels” for a list of hotels to visit, then check their website to make sure they have a pool. Go to the hotel and walk in like you are already a guest and go straight to their pool. Trent and I did this at the Marriott in LA and it worked like a charm.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.