Abortion Protestors Are Cowards

Abortion protestors are cowards.

Not because I disagree with their beliefs.

Their beliefs state that fetuses are human beings.  If they really believe that fetuses are innocent, helpless human beings than they are allowing murders to take place.  Instead of trying to stop these murders, they merely hold signs and chant slogans.

Abortion protestors are the moral equivalent of the next-door neighbors to the German concentration camps during WW2. They might not like what they know is going on, but they do nothing about it.

Makes me think that abortion protestors are on much worse moral ground than those that they protest.  Abortion doctors believe fetuses are just tissue a part of the woman they are performing the abortion on.  Abortion protestors believe that real human beings are getting spooned out women’s bellies.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “Abortion Protestors Are Cowards”

  1. Joel, You don’t even have a clue do you……
    I thought you were a little more intellegant than your blog is stating. What a disappointment…

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