Advice to UW freshmen, especially Justin…

… if he actually goes this year.

The University of Washington is an excellent school with a great balance of academics and a fun social scene. There are tons of great people and more groups and activities to be involved with than you have ever experienced before. Here are a few things I recommend you do while at UW in order to have the best possible experience:

-Be outgoing and be willing to befriend people who you wouldn’t usually talk to. You’ll meet some lions in sheeps clothing.

-Don’t start school with a girlfriend. Your wifey will make your college experience much less enjoyable. You will talk to her for hours on the phone every night telling each other how much you miss one another. My friend Richard did this and ended up not liking school at all. Being single and free will give you much greater independence to try new things.

-Party like a rockstar, but never neglect your studies. Remember you need to have a good college GPA in order to get a good job. Your community college GPA is meaningless, all people care about is how you do at UW.

-Take classes outside your comfort zone. I especially recommend Logic, Law and philosophy courses.

-You will have tons of free time, make use of it by working out at the IMA (Intramural Activities Center). It’s a great gym with lots of free and very cheap classes, basketball, tennis, etc.

-Pick a practical major and take classes you want for fun on the side; you will graduate and then will want a good job. Don’t end up flipping burgers at McD’s like a certain brother of ours lol. For instance, I was a business major, but took lots of english and philosophy classes because I was interested in those subjects. Look closely at Business, Engineering and Bio (if you want to be a doctor).

-Try as many new things as you can. There is a sailing club, rock climbing club, skiing club, etc.

Anybody else who went to UW want to add anything to this?

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