Aggressive Networking

Friday night I walked into Ballroom in Fremont at 9 pm with Nick & Brian.‚  We were there early so we wouldn’t have to pay cover and could eat some food.‚  We were all hungry after playing two hours of basketball earlier and Brian had claimed that the pizza at the Ballroom was very good… but Brian also greatly enjoys KFC, so Nick and I had some serious doubts.

Looking around, we discovered that Ballroom was already pretty full and all of the tables were taken.‚  Brian suggested that we sit on a bench in the back and order our food, but I had a better idea.‚  Join a half full table.

Two pretty girls had one of the tall, horse-shoe shaped tables to themselves.‚  I pointed them out to Brian and Nick, but Brian was feeling shy and was opposed to the idea.‚  Nick thought it was funny and encouraged me. I went.

Aggressive networking is something that I am really starting to believe in.‚  I base it upon the idea that I realistically have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying to make more friends wherever I go.‚  The concept of aggressive networking actually applies to both women and men, and it works in business situations as well as dating situations. Already I have met many interesting new people at startup events and am starting to reap the dividends from being ballsy.

Nerves used to be a problem for me when meeting new people, but I have done it enough now that I only had a slight twinge of excitement when I walked up to the two girls table.‚  “My friends and I would like to order food but all of the other tables are taken; would you mind if we join you?”

The ladies chimed, “Sure! Sit down!” with big smiles so I grabbed Nick and Brian and we crowded into the booth.

“My name’s Joel.”

“I’m Ari.”

“I’m Kelsey. How are you?”

For me, the initial engagement is the hardest part and once I have started a conversation I can carry it and keep it entertaining as long as I wish.‚  The five of us sat and ate the actually pretty good pizza and drank wine for the next two and a half hours.‚  The girls were there for a friends birthday, so we also got introduced to a bunch of other babies.

A little bit of courage and aggressive engagement brought me several new friends and made my night much more fun than it otherwise would have been.‚  Before I left, I made sure to get Ari’s number- she is a very pretty, petite brunette.‚  I called her last night and we chatted for about an hour and she wants to meet up again this weekend if I don’t go to LA.

If everyone aggressively engaged those around them, the world would be a much better place.‚  More friends, more dates, more business contacts leading to a tighter knit society.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. I like it Mr Joel, tip of the hat to you. I think pretty soon we’ll have to come up with a new name for you. Just how we created the Black Rooster we now need a new name.


  2. A simple search for bird types gave me these options, which are all in some variation, appropriate for Joel.

    Cockoftherock, red faced booby, or rough faced shag…. The rough faced shag also has two colored formations atop its beak which essentially amount to wearing its balls on its nose.

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