AI Dream

Another night, another dream.

Google hosted a competition on artificial intelligence. The winner created an AI that could destroy all of the others. The tank that was the size of a wheelchair, amd the drone with a big machine gun were among the cruder entries.

Someone created a true AI though that could live in the cloud and seize possession of other machines and even people.

The competition turned into a desperate fight for the survival of the human race.

The first human possessed by the AI was transformed into an ideal person; all illnesses healed, physical strength improved, and intelligence enhanced.

I was unable to tell when this person was themselves versus when they were possessed by the AI. Somehow the AIs connection to the person was broken, then I knew this person could help.

The AI possessed another body and came into it’s bedroom to rest. It heard funny noises from the bathroom, and when it opened the door, it saw decadence. Two girls and the formerly possessed and myself in some sort of weird candlelit bathroom orgy. With a cry of rage, the AI lunged forward to attack. A massive explosion, and the four humans were stunned but alive. We had tried to setup the AI with a trap, filling the room with some form of explosive gas. We killed a body of the AI.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.