Allena Ward

Allena Ward is a now former middle school teacher who received 6 years in prison for having sexual encounters with 5 male students. After pleading guilty last September to 3 counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and 3 lewd acts on a minor, Allena WardAllena Ward will unfortunately never teach again. Why do I say unfortunate? It’s a sad day when every boy’s fantasy teacher is removed from the classroom.

Whenever a semi-decent looking female teacher is convicted of having sex with minors, society is shocked because common knowledge says all she has to do is go to a bar and she’ll have all the grown men she can handle. Forensic psychiatrist Donna Schwartz-Watts did an analysis of Allena Ward and came to the conclusion that Ward is not a pedophile, but merely is suffering from a repressed childhood and personality disorders. Schwartz-Watts also claimed that she was merely a “childlike victim” and that she was a free spirit who never had the opportunity to live independent of her family. Interesting fact: Allena Ward’s father is a pastor. Coincidence that his daughter Allena has sex with children? I think not.

Male teachers who get caught having sex with children seem to be treated far harsher than female nutjobs like Allena Ward. Society despises men who take advantage of their position of power to abuse minors, but remnants of old fashioned gender discrimination cause women to be looked on as amusing oddities rather than criminals. Male students are looked upon as being little balls of hormone and testosterone driven fury, but recent studies have shown that adolescent boys are actually more interested in loving relationships than sex. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have minded a hot female teacher trying to teach me other parts of life than just math when I was that age. Just not someone as fugly as Allena Ward.

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  1. YES that is awesome….she should be allowed to teach in every middle school. I seriously wish she was my middle school teacher. I guarantee you that those boys that were molested are loving it….the only reason they pretend like they didn’t like it is because their parents told them to. There is no way that if I had a teacher like that in middle school I would complain…I would skip every class and just go to hers.

  2. You are right of course. The boys didn’t turn her in, some prude administrator found a note from her to one of them and turned her in. Those boys were loving it. Actually, she had probably been getting railed by several classes of boys before them and just got passed down the train till they finally got found out. Allena Ward sounds like a great middle school teacher.

  3. Making these lucky young dudes out to be “victims” is laughable. I guarantee you that every boy in that school wishes they could have been in on the action. On the other hand, she should know better and deserves to be punished. But six years in prison sounds a little harsh for just providing a few teenage boys with what will probably turn out to be one of the best experiences of their lives. I think that instead of being sent to prison, she should a been sent to the principal’s office for a good paddling!

  4. I think that a paddling sounds like the just punishment.. perhaps it should be broadcast live on CNN to deter people from similar acts in the future. Something tells me CNN would have it’s best ratings ever on that day.

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