America’s weight is growing faster than it population

I was refreshed to read a blog this morning that was very politically incorrect about the obese epidemic in America. Being obese is not something that our society should try make acceptable. Fat is a disease that is killing millions of people and causing various disabilities in millions more. Not only are they hurting themselves, but they are hurting others who have to pay for their medical and unemployment benefits via Social Security and Medicare.

You are probably asking yourself, “Who the hell does skinny ass Joel think he is?!” I don’t mean to step on people’s toes, but I think that we try to tiptoe around this issue far too much. I think that most people have far more control over their weight then they are willing to admit. There is a reason why 50 years ago this country had vastly fewer overweight people. Obviously, some people have medical conditions that cannot be helped, but this is a very small portion of the overweight population. If people were willing to take control of their lives, and monitor their nutrition and exercise, they would be shocked by how much improvement they would see. Boys, if you need any extra motivation to burn off those extra pounds, read this article about how women are more attracted to men with muscles.

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