Appropriate Levels of Violence by Culture

Each culture and time has its own allowable levels of violence. In some cultures, even murder is appropriate for what we may consider minor offences. I think America of 2021 probably has the highest bar for allowing violence of any culture or time I have heard of; kids are expelled from school for throwing punches, and people are convicted of manslaughter when they act in self defense many times.

In 1940’s America, bullying and fighting were common in schools and were lightly punished with detention or spanking if they were punished at all. Today, the same behaviors are extremely rare and harshly punished with prison time and expulsion.

America of today does condone and allow some violence. We allow for equal responses to other violence in self defense… So if someone hits you, you can hit them back in defense or if they try to kill you, you can kill them to prevent it. Certain states allow for shooting someone in response to a physical attack, but not all states do this.

I read recently that in Thailand people often commit murder and have no legal repercussions, they just pay compensation to the victims family and often are banished from their community forever.

It is very important to understand the culture and time in which you live and the violence that is allowable. If you go somewhere with more violence allowed than you recognize, you can get into very serious troubles. Same if you go from a more violent culture to one with less violence… You might find yourself facing a long prison sentence for what you thought was a minor offence.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.