Baby Boomers – The Worst Generation

I strongly agree that the baby boomer generation will not be looked on well by history as this generation:

-Took massive debt to pay for entitlements that will eventually have to be paid for by their grandchildren.

-Elected politicians based not on competence but on relatives (Bush, Clinton), or on easily disproved false pretenses (Trump).

-Encouraged and allowed the growth of special interest industries that damaged the country (patent lawyers, AMA increasing healthcare costs, etc). This destroyed free markets.

-Fought massively expensive foreign wars with their kids and grandkids without end goals and strictly limited troops rules of engagement with misguided morality.

-Destroyed legitimate political debate in favor of simply screaming that your side is right and endlessly saying “what about Hillary” or “what about Trump” instead of engaging on issues.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.