Bad things

I was feeling a little bored, so I decided to list a few products and concepts that I have had problems with or are produced by companies that have poor service or just plain bad ideas:

-Gap commercials are the worst I’ve ever seen. I actually refused to purchase from Gap from a long time because I would become enraged at the world every time I saw one. Recently though, I have discovered that they are the only online store that I know of that carries pants in my size, so they actually have grown on me.

-AOL. AOL should be outlawed, they are probably the biggest spammer internationally of both email and snail mail (everybody has a pile of CDs containing “free trials” of their ripoff service). AOL was able to succeed when the internet was starting because people didn’t understand what was going on. AOL has slow connection speed, awful customer service and is overly expensive and their content blows. In today’s world the only people who still use AOL are geriatrics who don’t know any better. Everyone I know has had bad experiences with this company. Time Warner threw away billions when they bought AOL.

-Oakley sunglasses- They just aren’t that cool. You look like a douche.

-Brokerage services (Merrill, Goldman, etc.) They charge you immense fees for “advice” when it’s been proven that a monkey throwing darts at a wall can do just as well. Get yourself on Scottrade.

-Too tight pants. I know this isn’t really a brand, but my balls are getting squeezed ;).

-8 minute abs videos. You have to lose your fat through cardio work to gain visible abs and that takes a lot longer than 8 minutes a day. Scam.

-Professional sports. I enjoy watching them sometimes, but this is a gigantic time and energy sink for people worldwide. We should not make heroes out of people for throwing a ball far, we need heroes that truly accomplish something: scientists, businessmen, artists. If we gave people $100 million dollar contracts for curing diseases, AIDS and cancer would probably have already been wiped out. Instead we have an army of fat asses sitting on their couches and screaming at their televisions.

-TV Dramas. Just as bad as pro sports, but targetted at women and some men. I know it’s fun to watch the OC, but wouldn’t rather be out there living your own life, falling in love, making yourself vulnerable and truly experiencing what the world has to offer?

-Rat dogs. You are using a living creature as a fashion accessory.

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