Basketball Team Criticized for Winning

Our educational system continues to try to corrupt our youth and tell them that winning is really losing and that feelings are more important than objective utility.‚  I spotted an article on Yahoo Sports that reported high school administrators at The Covenant School in Texas are criticizing their own coach and team publicly for winning a basketball game 100-0.‚  Kyle Queal, the douchey head of the school, issued a statement saying, “It is shameful and an embarassment that this happened.‚  A victory without honor is a great loss.”‚  What an idiot.‚  The purpose of a game is to play to the best of your ability, to be rewarded for all of your hard practice time and to try to win.

The Covenant School’s girls basketball team did not cheat, they did not hurt anyone and they did not do anything wrong at all.‚  The team had practiced hard and was simply much better than their opponent Dallas Academy.‚  True, Dallas Academy specializes in teaching kids with “learning differences” like dyslexia and ADD, but that is not the fault of the Covenant School’s girls basketball team.‚  If the moronic administrators of the Covenant School who have now sold out their girl’s basketball team had been smarter, they would not have scheduled a game between two teams with vastly different skill levels.

The administration at the Covenant School is a group of cowards and they should take the blame for scheduling a game with a team where the score would almost certainly be lopsided.‚  The Covenant girls basketball team played exactly as it should have: hard from the start of the game to the final buzzer.‚  If they had done anything less, they would have been sacrificing their morals.

I hate that American culture is being twisted by the weak-minded leaders of our education system from being strong, independent, hard-working and free to a corrupt, weak, socialist state where incompetent people are applauded and excellent performers criticized.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.