Beach Girl

I am trying to get better at writing dialogue, so below I am going to recount a conversation I had with a woman I picked up at Madison Beach last summer.‚  A couple of friends were with me and watched the awkward situation with bemusement.‚  The day was getting late so the few beachgoers left were huddled together in the narrow sundrenched areas between tree shadows.‚  I slowly sauntered across the grass with my friends,‚  carrying my towel and bag of food, eyeing the crowd.‚  When I spotted the two hottest girls, I walked over and laid my towel down right next to them.‚  I ignored the ladies at first, content to chat with my friends and pull out our snacks.‚  I tasted the swiss cheese from Safeway and it was bland and disgusting. So I turned to the sunbathing blonde on the far right and said, “You like swiss?”

Brunette on the beach
Brunette on the beach

She answered with a curt “No.”

Undeterred, I repeated myself to the brunette next to me.

“Yes, I’ll taste it.”

I said, “Does it taste gross to you?”

“Ew, it has no flavor.”

“Safeway food is for peasants.”

Tee-hee-hee. Laughing at my stupid joke = good sign.

“Soooo… Are you a student?” Brunette asked.

Searching for further conversation = very good sign.

“No, I work as a business analyst for a tech company in Pioneer Square.‚  How about you”

“I’m a senior at the University of Washington.”

The Brunette- Lisa
The Brunette- Lisa

“Cool. I graduated with a finance degree from there two years ago.‚  What’s your major?”

“Blah blah blah”… about thirty minutes of stupid generic get-to-know-you conversation.‚  The blonde had to leave, so I asked the brunette for her phone number.‚  I started to type it into my phone when I realized I still hadn’t asked for her name.

“Um, I’m Joel by the way.‚  I can’t believe we’ve had this whole conversation and I am getting your number without even knowing your name!‚  What is it?”

“Haha.‚  My name is Lisa.”

“Nice to meet you Lisa, I’ll talk to you soon.”

Success.‚  A funny fact I found out later was that the guy she had been seeing for a few weeks was a lifeguard on duty at Madison that day!

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  1. If you are trying to improve your dialogue writing skills you probably shouldn’t use “blah blah blah” to describe the conversation and cut to the very end.

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