Unending piles of tenderloin, filet mignon, crab, bacon-wrapped kidneys, shrimp and lamb chops.

Grilling for a Beefsteak Beefsteak

Butter garlic and cheese french fries.

Garlic, butter & cheese french fries at a beefsteak

Bottomless kegs of excellent beer.

Great Beer at a Beefsteak

No women allowed

No women or girls are allowed at a Beefsteak

Your two greasy hands feeding your face all of the above while all of your best friends feast with you.

Eating with your fingers: Beefsteak Men feasting at a beefsteak

It’s called a Beefsteak.

And I’m going to host one.

I saw an article today in the New York Times about a tradition from the early 1900s where politicians would host massive feeds called Beefsteaks for men to come to before they voted. At the time, women couldn’t vote, so it was an all male bonding event. The men would gather around giant tables and stuff themselves full of all the beef and french fries and shrimp that they could handle, washing it all down with copious amounts of beer. At a beefsteak, a man would get back to his caveman roots, eating only with his fingers and allowing his inner glutton free reign. These events mostly died out after the women’s suffrage movement was successful and wives and girlfriends would come and look at the men with disapproval. I intend to remedy this situation by hosting an all men’s beefsteak feast soon. Any man who wants to come needs to let me know. I think if everyone chips in $15-20 we can eat enough to satisfy the inner beast in all of us.

Beefsteak. What a lovely concept.

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Joel Gross

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16 thoughts on “BEEFSTEAK!”

  1. Oh god that is an awesome idea…off course leave it up to the women to ruin the fun…standard!

  2. Grand. Beefsteak will actually be doing the blessing though, since we have discovered in our previous conversations that gods are mere figments of man’s imagination.

  3. And Joel’s denial of God is deeply based in his own childhood and has little to do with anything more than petty semantic arguments.

  4. Joel’s denial of God is not based on his childhood rather on observing the world around him. I think if we actually observe our world and see what “really” is going on (murder, rape, starvation, genocide, hunger, etc etc) we can see that not only doesn’t god exist but satan is ruling on earth and our universe and he/she is loving it.

  5. Jordan, I love our debates on here and in person, but please do not resort to personal attacks in an attempt to defend your ideas. If you have hard evidence to discuss, feel free to do so. In the future, I will delete comments that include ridiculous statements insinuating that I am making decisions based on factors other than what I am stating. I was questioning religion well before Mom went nuts and everything happened. I am not so stupid as to base my personal philosophy on a revolt against parents I have not lived with or spent time with since the age of 14. I developed my own ideas independently with reason, evidence and science. I would love to see you do the same. But if you choose not to, do not ever attack me personally to try and defend a losing position. You are welcome to state your theories and do your best to defend them with evidence, philosophy and logic. You are welcome to attack others ideas with the same. Just do not make personal attacks to defend your arguments. I enjoy reading your comments and engaging in debates with you and appreciate your continued discussions here.

  6. And in reference to the above comment by Black Rooster it is likely true that we are our own worst enemy. If you were a religious person you would also be aware that Scripture insinuates that the devil in fact is allowed to run the show.

  7. And I didn’t intend to usurp another blog post completely unrelated to religion into a battle of theology or lack thereof.

  8. So let me get this straight, according to your statement above, human beings were created by God, God loves all human beings, but he lets the devil run the show and create pain, misery and torture” that doesn’t make any sense.

    That’s like saying my parents love me and they would do anything for me but they’re gonna let someone else torture me physically and emotionally for the rest of your natural life.

    Don’t you see what is going on…Christianity or any religion for that matter is no different than Scientology. It’s science fiction and if Ron Hubbard had been born before Jesus then he would be the Mac Daddy of all.

  9. I believe the concept goes along with the notion that your parents can love you but are willing to allow you to learn for yourself. But they are also there to catch you in the end.

    Its not necessarily a complete conflict of ideas. Overly simplified it would seem to be. But so is the notion of the Big Bang and alot of our scientific concepts that are there to replace a divine figure. Two things collide and we have a one in a trillion chance happening that a new life form is created? Seems illogical. But that is at its most simplistic level.

  10. Christians engage in what is known as “sophistry”- trying to obfuscate facts with complicated lines of reasoning. The Big Bang theory is actually very simple: Monster explosion of all matter in the universeleads an almost infinite amount amount of matter interacting, one in a trillion chance of life forming, but over trillions of years of zillions of atoms interacting, billions of life forms spontaneously generate and most die. The few that survive evolve into other life forms. Don’t say evolution doesn’t happen- over the last thousand years alone man has turned the great grey wolf into the friendly little chihuahua. Anyways, Beefsteak rocks! You want to discuss religion further, go the religious posts. The purpose of this post is to rejoice in Beefsteak.

  11. This is what happened to ruin Beefsteak originally… politics and religion got in the way of good ol’ caveman fun. We should not do that again. Go to the religious posts to discuss religion. I am reserving this for the discussion of eating meat with your fingers and chugging down beer. Arrgghh maties, it’s Beefsteak night!

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