Bellevue is NOT Hellevue

Went to a show at the Wilde Rover tonight and was amazed to discover where all of the beautiful women in Washington have been hiding out: Bellevue.‚  Friday and Saturday night the usual crew of guys went to the various “hot spots” in Seattle and nothing that great was going on.‚  Sunday night went to a random show put on by the Herding Cats and the place was full to the brim of 7-9.5’s.‚  Loved it, but I was on a date so had to play nice.‚  My company is apparently moving to much larger offices in Bellevue very soon, so maybe I’ll move over too.‚  It sorta makes sense that the hot girls would be in Bellevue since it is a wealthier area with a much younger population.‚  I was about to give up on Washington and move to L.A. or Austen or someplace like that.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.