Big Men Have Feelings Too

People tell me all the time that they think I am basically invincible.‚  Random assaults are a regular occurrence.‚  Friends find it entertaining to hit me in the arm or try to push me over at surprising times. People randomly leap into my arms and expect me to catch them.‚  Even women I date bite & scratch fairly violently.‚  Besides the annoyance of being the equivalent of a giant punching bag, none of the friendly physical attacks faze me and I usually am entertained a little too.‚  It even is a bit flattering when someone says they think I am so big and strong and healthy that I must be able to withstand anything.

Sometimes though people carry their physical aggression over into thoughtless verbal jabs as well.‚  I am much more emotionally resilient than most people and such things usually don’t bother me, but I am sometimes taken aback by what people say.‚  I guess its similar to the random physical attacks… you can hit me in the belly if I’m ready for it, but if I’m not paying attention or it’s an extra hard hit it still can hurt.

I bring such abuse on myself as I put out as good as I get.‚  I say all sorts of ridiculous, obscene and shocking statements for general amusement, but I am careful to avoid anything that could be actual hurtful to someone.‚  The closest I really get is when I say something like “Women suck the souls of men out of their penises” to a feminist- it is generally offensive, but not personally hurtful and is just meant to be funny.‚  When I physically roughhouse with people I do the same thing- I play, but I’m always very careful never to hurt.‚  If we accidentally fall over, usually I’ll try to break their fall myself or catch him/her.

Certain people and I also have an established relationship where we can say pretty much anything to each other without it being personally hurtful.‚  Tara fits under this category due to the nature of our humor and history together.‚  Others though who have a different sort of relationship with me sometimes shoot surprising little barbs that find a gap in my armor and stick with me.‚  Actually, even with Tara I think that there are a few things that I wouldn’t say out of concern for her feelings and perhaps she feels the same way towards me.‚  Probably should also check with her to make sure I haven’t unintentionally said something hurtful… lol.

Back to my main point, just because I can handle a huge amount of abuse doesn’t mean you should pile it on.‚  The Great Wall of China is a huge monument, but if every visitor chiseled off a souvenir eventually there would be nothing left.‚  Give me some love.‚  Big men have feelings too.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. you need to eat more meat lest you become like Stan in “Fun with Veal” – the South Park episode where he becomes a vegetarian, breaks out in strange sores (mini – vaginas), and the eventual diagnosis is he is gonna turn into a giant pussy. so go grab a hamburger or something – quick.

  2. Frodo- I am afeard that you are right. I need to roast up one of my pork loins, don my loincloth and then go on the warpath down through Pioneer Square to find a woman to carry back to my camp.

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