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I saw an infomercial on TV last night for a company called Bosley Medical. Bosley Medical offers a creative and unique solution to balding men; hair transplantation. Bosley Medical uses a simple outpatient procedure to surgically transplant hair follicles from the sides and back of the head to the top of the head, filling in balding areas. Certain friends of mine needs this procedure done now and perhaps one day even I will have balding issues and have to get it done. When I saw the commercial, I was very skeptical about whether or not the procedure actually worked, but after doing some research it made more sense to me.

Bosley Medical has a large well-trained staff of physicians that transplant follicles from the back and sides of a person’s head to the top and front to give individuals a natural, living hairline that is made of their own hair. Using Bosley’s procedure makes much more sense to me than having to wear a fake, uncomfortable wig for the rest of my life or having to try one of a myriad of potions that don’t work and cost a lot of money.

I looked around at Bosley’s main website after I heard about them and found some other products that looked interesting, ranging from the strangely named “Bosley Lasercomb” to the standard medication Propecia and also the time-tested wig.

I am amazed that Bosley Medical has grown to be such a large company based on what I would think is such a niche market… but I guess just walking down the street each day I see hundreds of potential Bosley customers. I am not sure if I will ever do anything besides shave the rest of my bald head, but I’m glad that there are other options than the comb-over available to me. Speaking of bad comb-overs, I found a few laughable pictures of men who should have gone to Bosley Medical, starting with the beautiful beard comb over and finishing with the infamous Donald Trump hairstyle:

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  1. After careful consideration and contemplation, I have decided that “Pnut Galrey’s”
    comments were most likely written by the same individual who has that couch-swing hanging in their front yard! Or, worse yet, an undercover agent for Bosley Medical Hair Restoration! At the very least they need to either learn to spell or get their printer fixed!

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