Britney Spears VMA Performance: Fat?

Britney Spears really stunk up the VMA’s. She was not prepared and could not even lip-synch correctly to her own song.

But many media outlets and people I have talked to have primarily focused on her being fat.


Sure, she is no longer in incredible shape with tight abs and a sculpted body. But fat? No. She is the mother of two children and is far more fit than most other women in her situation. Britney Spears no longer is the skeletal teenaged sex object she once was, but that is due to her body maturing. What sort of a message does this send to all the women who follow Britney Spears? Our society has been trying to curb the spread of eating disorders such as bulimia, but when we hold average looking women up to public ridicule and continue to idolize Skeletor, we are telling women that they are disgusting and need to go on a water diet.

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Joel Gross

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One thought on “Britney Spears VMA Performance: Fat?”

  1. I love the feminist Joel. Beautiful thing. You must be dating someone you gave this blog too. J/K.

    I agree with you. She did look stoned and was a terrible performer, but she was pretty fit considering she was just off two kids and isn’t 18 any more. Way to be sensitive.

    God blesses you!

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