Buy Oxytocin: Cuddle And Bonding Hormones

National Public Radio (NPR), New York Times, WebMD and other websites have been running a lot of articles recently on new discoveries related to the hormone Oxytocin. Studies are showing that Oxytocin causes people to trust and bond with other far more easily.  For example, one study by scientist Dr. Paul Zak showed that college students who had the bonding hormone Oxytocin squirted into their nostrils were 80% more likely to give money to strangers.

Scientists initially began digging into Oxytocin because of Williams Syndrome, a disorder that among other irregularities, causes people to become pathologically trusting and loving of other people.  Many children with this disorder hug strangers and offer to go home with them (obviously not a good thing for kids to be doing!).  According to researchers, this is caused by a disregulation of the bonding and love hormone Oxytocin in the brain that causes people to essentially “overdose” on love and trust.

Here comes the fun part: after reading about this bonding hormone Oxytocin on NPR & Psychology Today & New York Post, I wondered if you could buy Oxytocin.  Turns out you can buy Oxytocin here:

Unleash the Power of Liquid Trust

Seeing this ad really to buy the bonding hormone Oxytocin really cracked me up… It essentially is hinting through it’s advertisement that you can land a girl like the beauty in the white bikini by buying Oxytocin and somehow slipping it into her food or swapping out her allergy sprays or something.  Pretty ridiculous… but it does make you wonder if Oxytocin would be effective in these situations right?

Another interesting study at Stanford showed that buying Oxytocin for children with autism can actually help regulate their disease.  Evidently, children with autism have brains that are unable to properly regulate the flow of Oxytocin, but when you give them supplements of this bonding hormone they become much more socially aware and capable of interacting with others around them.

Is trust really something so simple that giving someone Oxytocin bonding hormone supplements will make them much more loving & trusting?  I’m not sure, but the science seems to be pointing in that direction.

These conclusions are really frightening if the wrong parties (government, criminals, scam artists) buy Oxytocin and secretly insert it into the water supply or the air in a building.  What easier way to rob a bank than by putting Oxytocin into the vents and then walking in and asking to see the vault?

Oxytocin nasal spray is supposed to be the most effective way of administering the love & bonding hormone.  It’s only a matter of time though before scientists make the same breakthroughs they did with steroids and find ways to get the powerful bonding hormone into people’s bodies without their knowledge or consent.  The fact that Oxytocin is available for purchase is a potentially dangerous and scary fact.  I certainly wouldn’t want it used on me.

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  1. Hi Joel, I wouldn’t be too worried about people tricking you into taking oxytocin. That kind of use just doesn’t seem feasible. It is a strange and intriguing hormone though.

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