Some bonehead with the screenname “drakertr” was trying to have sex with his friend’s girlfriend (screenname “me”), only to get caught in the slimy act.

Trying to steal a friends girlfriend is a no-no.
Trying to steal a friend's girlfriend is a no-no.

What an idiot. Too bad I know too many guys just like drakertr. Ugh.

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Joel Gross

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3 thoughts on “CAUGHT!”

  1. Any man who steals or even thinks about making a move on a friends gf/wife is a complete waste of life. Men like that should be castrated and never be allowed to have sex again. I absolutely hate dishonet and slimy little punks. They are not allowed to call themselves men and they usually are pathetic, self conscious f**k heads who have zero game. Im sorry but a man with no loyalty is not a man at all and should just commit suicide.

  2. on a lighter note….I wish I had a copy of the conversation between men and you on MSN messenger when I pretended to be a hot girl…HAHAHAHAH. That was priceless!!!

  3. I agree… anyone who tries to steal his friend’s girlfriend is a piece of Sh$t. I hate guys like that. Even after they break up, you still need to talk to your friend about it.

    Also- that conversation was pretty hilarious… I think we did save it somewhere, but I forgot where.

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