Christmas Trip

I am visiting my Washington State family and friends now for the holidays and working remotely. Here has been my rough itinerary:

  • Work all day Friday, December 18th 2015 then fly at night to Seattle with Laurel. Eat dinner at Serafina with Nick and stay at his girlfriends place on Eastlake
  • Saturday run sprints in the morning, then hang out with Nick and Fletch for dinner. Play board games with Fletch and Laurel at Cafe Mox. Get my car locked into a car lot and have to get jumped cuz the lights were left on.
  • Sunday get brunch with Fletch and Stephanie and Jarek and Amanda. Jarek and Laurel and I then went downtown to look at gingerbread houses, then go bowling, then go out to dinner at Cafe Presse. Drive to my grandparents that night.
  • Monday work in the morning, then dinner with Jordan, Meghan, Josh, Bestemor, and Grandpa at India Karma on South Hill.
  • Tuesday night dinner with Mark Rody and his wife and kids and parents over at their place.

Future plans:

  • Work today, then go to the Museum of Glass with Laurel then have dinner at home with grandparents and Laurel
  • Christmas Eve day work on improving the web applications for Coalition, then have dinner with family
  • Christmas day work on web apps for CT then have dinner with family
  • Maybe go to the cabin for the weekend.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.