Cloverfield Movie Review

Cloverfield Movie ReviewAndy Meade invited me yesterday to go check out a prescreening of the movie Cloverfield. You may have seen trailers of it; they don’t give much away. Mostly the trailers show sketchy video and the head of the Statue of Liberty hurtling into a skyscraper.

Andy’s girl-he-hooks-up-with/girlfriend Allison got us on the list at the Regal Meridian theater in downtown Seattle, so we saw it for free and had first choice of seats (I picked dead center, since there were no crippled seats). I naturally smuggled in beef jerky and a tasty protein bar to feed the demon during the flick.

Cloverfield itself was pretty entertaining. I have never seen the Blair Witch Project, but Andy said it was similar to that; all supposedly handheld video. The guy who narrated the video was pretty goofy and made the audience crack up with his comments and slightly sleazy videotaping. Cloverfield was very short at around an hour and twenty minutes, but kept me on the edge of my seat. I think Cloverfield is an interesting new take on an action/romance and the acting was superb. The storyline of Cloverfield wasn’t the greatest, but I really liked the main characters, especially the narrator and the guy who’s party it was.

Cloverfield gets my recommendation to go watch in the theater. It doesn’t have much deeper meanings, but was a fresh take on much abused action genre.


Just come back later… below will ruin the movies suspense.

Cloverfield was different from most action movies in that it only provides resolution for the main characters- it doesn’t tell you what ended up happening to the monster and progeny, where it came from or the rest of the world. I actually thought this was great, but many people in the audience I think were left hanging and became disappointed that there was nothing else. Cloverfield had some interesting monsters too and many times it was difficult to get a good look at them. Some friendly folks on the internet though have provided sketches and screen shots of the monsters for closer inspection.

Cloverfield Monster

Cloverfield Little Baby Monster

My theory on the movie is that the monster killed the dinosaurs. It then lay dormant hibernating in the ocean until one day it got hungry. Then the Cloverfield monster attacked New York City. Either that or it is a homeless man who got into nuclear radiation and mutated into a giant freak monster and was pissed at all the investment bankers in Manhattan who had been rude, so he went around knocking down towers and spawning freaky little creatures.

I think that this movie definitely left room open for a sequel… the Cloverfield monster got hit by dozens of bombs and missiles and never got taken down. Who’s to say it couldn’t survive a nuke? Or one of it’s freaky spawn could’ve swam across the harbor and gone into hiding till it got big enough to attack again. Anyone else have any crazy Cloverfield theories?

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  1. ya plus i mean they are letting someone with a mind of a stoned monkey run our country a few million bucks for an excellent chuck norris film should be easy to hand over to a 14 year old LOL 😉

  2. this is bull. those pictures arent from the movie. wtf is going on. everyone should play runescape. add me to your friends. my name is Roketnoob.

  3. (ohn Says:
    January 22nd, 2008 at 2:13 pm




    11/9 look familiar?)

    You can seek 9/11, or similarities out of a couple numbers if you add some or take some out to make it equal it. People do that to 9/11 and think “OMG OMG OMG 9/11 No way!” ITs bullshit. Stop associating it. And how the hell does god have anything to do with this shit. Its a movie.

  4. There has to be a sequel. I was playing around with it a while and you know the static at the end? If you play that back in rewind and listen to the sound, you here someone say “Look, it’s still alive!”

  5. i think it was great. but i think there are 2 monsters. didnt u uys see it randomly grow teeth. when there runing into the subway noteeth. when hud dies teeth. i think there is a mom and baby.
    if u want to talk to me about this theroy email me at

  6. Well i have to idmit its a good moive but there are some weard things not cloverfield but but with the moive like whan hud is eaton but cloverfield was very high up so a camcorder could not of survied the fall (i know i tryed it out) also when the helacopter crashes when we come back its day not only that but under the brige in central park he said it was the 27th but that can’t work out becuse of the other thing and finaly if you watch the end titles a vocie says “HELP US” and if you play it backwouds it says “IT’S STILL ALIVE” so i’m shoure that there will be a cloverfield 2

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