Craigslist is hilarious

I picked some great quotes off of Craigslist for your entertainment… All of these posts were selected from the first page… I didn’t even have to try. People are incredibly dumb sometimes.

From Men seeking Women:

“Please only serous Apply for this Honest Male!!!- 41

Good Morning,Good Afternoon,or Good Evening to all of you that live in the great Northwest I’am here serously seeking a Honest to good women that is kind at heart & that is ready for serousness in relations please no games or fake fronts just be yourself .
I on the other hand am considered Quiet many say shy with a huge heart caring ,Loving Family person who likes to joke around sometime instead of taking life to serously .
Please do write me if you seek a Real down to earth Man who will Honor his Women always.

Dude, if you can’t spell serious, my guess is you aren’t going to find anyone. Also he wants relations. Yum. Relations.

will you BITCHES please just say what RACE man you’re looking for!?!

Don’t have me type up a long ass reply, just so you can look at the pic and say “Oh, sorry, I only date Island men”. If you only want an ISLAND man.. state that in your ad you dumb fucker, or take your ass on craigslist-Hawaii, where you’ll find plenty of curly head fuckers to satisfy you.

Hahhahahaha… what a tool. I should respond and say, “I’m looking for a weird racist bastard.”

Open-Minded Woman Sought by Crossdresser – 50

“In public, I’m a regular guy who enjoys a lot of different activities (intermediate skier, travel frequently both foreign and locally, enjoy cooking together, shopping, etc.) and if you met me, you’d never suspect that I have a “secret side”…..”

Sounds like an All-American type of guy… he goes on to discuss how he is 5’7” and is into weird kinky stuff.

…… Daddy Seeking His Princes……….. – 44

Are you a young single childless maybe a college girl who would like a daddy….
Daddy enjoys taking care of his little girl. His princess should like to take care of her daddy……

Im 44 single,cleancut,athletic and live here on Queen Anne…..

How can we help each other…..

Can anyone say child moooooooooooooooolestor?

Arm Candy Needed – 27

All you have to do is read the title to know this guy is a loser.

seeking slender lady,for sobor times. – 45

if you have a add on a differnt website then for get it,i.m not into smut. I’m a sobor man with 9 years.I like to do a lot of different things,The lady i’m looking for must like silver and truqouise.Not mind rideing on a 3 wheeler,fishing ,camping,and half and half cooking deal.I’m also a grampa yet my kids live in a different state.I live in a small apt. close to the waterfront,and often think of having a cabin some where in the mountains next to a lake or running water. I don’t ask for much,just that who ever you are be true to him. NO this is not his mother typing the want add. thanks

His picture, unsurprisingly, shows him to be a redneck cowboy with a ponytail and big handlebar mustache… “wanna ride on my hoss, young thang?“. Just reading about his “sobor times” makes me need a drink.

From Women Seeking Men:

Asian needs Romance – 50

There is no joke here, I copy and pasted this for you, Faryar… here’s her email:

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2 thoughts on “Craigslist is hilarious”

  1. Ha ha ha. Thank you, really, for the pleasure of this weirdness, which I was able to enjoy and can still say I’ve never combed the Craigslist classifieds. You should do this more often … or maybe i’ll start up a Craigslist hobby. It’ll be your fault if it goes south though.

  2. You are more than welcome. Craigslist is one of the greatest sources for entertainment in our time; people feel they can say exactly what they think and no one will judge them.

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