Craigslist Personal Ad Test

On Saturday night, I went over to Ben’s house and Plato joined us there for some drinks. While we were sitting around BSing, we came up with a fun idea: post a ridiculous Craigslist ad and see what kind of responses we would get. We decided to just post that our man had made a silly amount of money and see how many gold diggers we could collect. Unfortunately, I forgot to include a request for pictures and more information about the person. The ad is below:

I made $472,920 last year. Interested? – 29 (Seattle)

Yeah, title pretty much says it all. Check out my art below.

Joel’s comedic Craigslist ad

I included the generic picture, claiming it as my “art”, because I needed to have a photo so people would click on the ad.

Below are the responses that we received:


Hello, Nice art work! Is that a photograph?

Yes, BBW Brenda, it is. I drew it with charcoal, can’t you tell?


That is not very interesting at all. Chances are you should give yourself and the rest of humanity more credit.
Just thinking,

Thanks for the advice, Clara. Why did you respond if it isn’t interesting? Perhaps you want me to show you how interesting I am? What if I told you I made my money selling people as slaves and you are my next target? That’s entertaining.


Soooooo you’re looking for a gold digger? Is that what men want in women now?



Are you going to buy me another house, a car, and a tennis bracelet?? SWEET you are the best CL post EVER! 😉

You selected the worst font in history and should be put to death for it immediately.


what r u looking 4?

Why you, of course, my dear sweet Candy.


Great picture!

Keep it up!

Thanks. WIll do.


yeah right, and my fathers the pope,,

nice painting.. did you really paint that????

have a great day.. I just had to respond, I have been laughing sooooooo hard at some of these ads , they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy tooo funny

Wow, you sound partially normal.


Who gives a shit. Your right the title pretty much says it all.

Haha. Why do you bother replying if it’s so silly?


is that a photograph? didi you take it?

Once again, no it is not. I am an armless midget and put the utensil between my teeth do to my artworks. Why don’t you do me a favor and fall off a tall building?


So, I thought your headline jokes were hilarious. =)

Here is a little about myself:

-Brown hair, brown eyes
-Current student studying psychology
-Loves animals
-Non smoker, non drinker, non drug user
-Values family
-Enjoys the small things in life
-Loves to watch movies
-Cuddle addict
-Loves to laugh
-Likes children (doesn’t have any)
-Will be 20 next month

And if you are interested, my name is Teresa.

Hmmm…. cuddle addict = sex addict. We may have to reply to this one.

Maybe you should be wary of anyone who is interested in you because of how much money you make. Your art is beautiful –really. Not to sound like a big sister or anything–but I am 39 years old and this is my treehouse(ha ha) please be careful

I am peeing my pants. An awkward wet spot I won’t be able to explain at work.
Craigslist is an endless source of entertainment for people who get bored. Try it sometime!

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