I just put up my first income-generating (hopefully) website. It sells F-150 Grille Guards. I am pretty concerned though, because it follows the profile of a “doorway/entry” page. An entry page is a site that is purely made to push traffic from the search engines through to another sales website (in my case AutoAnything). Search engines generally try to ban these as quickly as they can, because some spammers churn out 100,000 pages of them per day.… read more “Biz”


I posted my apartment on Craigslist yesterday and have had a lot of people come by and look at it. The first girl came by when it was only partially cleaned and was obviously horrified and left quickly. I continued to clean for another couple of hours, cleaning the matches, dirt, food and other unsavory items from my carpet.… read more “Moving”

Moving sucks

I am getting really frustrated and stressed out about moving.

I am trying to juggle having people come visit my apartment and getting my landlord to give me all the necessary paperwork to sign over my lease with trying to find a new apartment for myself and potentially also needing to find roommates.

Here’s the questions bothering me right now:

-What part of Seattle should I get my new apartment in: U-district so I’m close to friends?… read more “Moving sucks”

Lipton Green Tea Tastiness

Lipton Green Tea is what gets me through many of my work days when I don’t feel well. I have gone to work sick before and the only thing that soothes my aching throat is the hot, smooth flavor of Lipton Green Tea. Green tea has many health benefits. It is very high in protective antioxidants (flavanoid antioxidants) and can help your body protect itself against damage from free radicals (these silly molecules hurt your cells).… read more “Lipton Green Tea Tastiness”

Unanswered questions

Feel free to add entertaining questions or answer these… most of mine are goofy or religious or philosophical…

-Why can I cross my eyes towards my nose, but am unable to move them in opposite directions?
-Why does god need to forgive me of my sins when he has committed far worse ones (killed a planetary population with a flood except for a few who worshipped him unquestioningly, tortured a man for many years and destroyed his familiy and property just so i could prove he was loyal, created evil (God is all-powerful and created everything right?)?!?… read more “Unanswered questions”