The woman’s perspective on dating me: an analogy

“She’s been out fishing in a little boat for most of her adult life, trying to make a quality catch. Thus far, she’s had little success, mostly pulling in garbage and minnows that she just throws back and occasionally she might get a decent trout or maybe even tuna. After a lifetime of shit she’s ready to call it quits and draw up her line and go home with her sorry take.… read more “The woman’s perspective on dating me: an analogy”

1999 Blue Ford Contour Review: Problematic and Fugly

I have driven an aging blue Ford Contour for the last couple of years and it has been a trusty transportation device (except for when the brakes exploded). I have put approximately 20k miles on it, mostly shuttling myself back and forth between Seattle and my grandparent’s house in Puyallup. The Ford Contour is pretty roomy, which is great for tall guys.… read more “1999 Blue Ford Contour Review: Problematic and Fugly”

Mating Ostriches

I was bored and so I watched a show on Animal Planet about ostriches mating. Male ostriches fluff out their wings and feathers and do weird dances for the females for sometimes days on end to convince the female to mate. When the female is ready, she sits on the ground in a weird way and the male runs over and flops down on her back.… read more “Mating Ostriches”

Self control

Theory: The primary factor that sets people apart from each other, that determines who the winner is and who the loser is in life, is self control.

The ability to perform an action that you do not want to do or not do something you desire very much, is vital to success.

Can you make yourself work 18 hours a day at something not enjoyable?… read more “Self control”

Ever thought of killing yourself?

You probably should! Find out here.
Don’t do something stereotypical, like shoot yourself in the head, OD on painkillers or hang yourself. Be creative and really show what a unique individual you are. You finally have your chance to show all those automatons out there that you aren’t just some trench coat wearing freak who can’t get laid or girl with severe emotional problems and a taste for meth, but have something really meaningful to contribute to our sad little world.… read more “Ever thought of killing yourself?”

Math says you are in the Matrix

I read an interesting theory that claims that there is a near mathematical certainty that you are a computer simulation. Many scientists believe that computing power, based on current trends of increases in processing power, in 50 years we will have a computer capable of running simulations of an entire virtual world inhabited by virtual people with fully developed virtual nervous systems.… read more “Math says you are in the Matrix”