Negative Marketing Campaigns

What is a negative public relations campaign? It’s the attack ads typically used by politicians ripping on their opponents. Negative marketing is Pepsi advertising that it’s products taste better than Coke’s in blind taste tests. It’s the propaganda nations use when trying to change the mindset of either its own populace or the populace of a target nation.… read more “Negative Marketing Campaigns”

Cascade Christian High School (CCHS), Puyallup WA is AWFUL!

I attended Cascade Christian’s feeder elementary school in Spanaway, the junior high attached to the high school and the high school itself. I graduated in 2002. All three of my younger brothers attended Cascade Christian High School (Jordan was student body president, Justin was president of his 9th grade class). I also have two cousins who still attend Cascade.… read more “Cascade Christian High School (CCHS), Puyallup WA is AWFUL!”

Crazy Dreams

I had the weirdest dreams last night.

I dreamed I was a marine biologist in some absolutely crazy aquarium with fish and sharks I invented in my own head. There was one fish that was 20 tons and just looked like a big bit of gray dough and kept almost squishing me… and Freud would’ve had a field day with this one- there was a shark that if you were in his tank, he would show his domination over you by putting your head in his mouth, but not biting down and then squirting sperm on you and there were a bunch of little sharks that gnawed on your fingers like lapdogs but didn’t do any real damage.

Word of Mouth Marketing

The music industry today is facing enormous challenges. How do you market new bands and singers to people who no longer listen to the radio? MTV rarely plays music and when they do it’s prepackaged, bubble-wrapped remakes put out by established superstars. People in their twenties and early thirties listen to music almost exclusively on their Ipods and MP3 players and usually that music is ripped or illegally downloaded online.… read more “Word of Mouth Marketing”

Appalachian State vs Michigan

What usually happens when a Division 2 team plays against a bigtime D-1 powerhouse? The D-2 team gets run over. As a matter of fact, a top 25 D-1 team has NEVER in history lost to a D-2 team. Typically, big schools schedule smaller ones for their first game of the season for a guaranteed win to get the fan base excited and to prep their guys in a glorified scrimmage.… read more “Appalachian State vs Michigan”

Joel: Homemaker

My grandma and I today went shopping and bought a ton of new furnishings for my apartment. I almost never buy new, I usually go hunting through thrift stores for all of my needs. However, this time I was able to get some good Memorial Day deals, so I bought:

-A big, white microwave,
-A “Torchiere” (fancy lamp)
-A vial of crack cocaine for my homeless buddies
-An upright vaccuum for cleaning my 20 sq ft of floor
-2 sets of dishes (one of which is broken and I have to return)
-A complete set of nice pots and pans
-A knife set, so I can stab myself
-A blow up doll for “companionship”
-A rug for my bathroom floor
-A cutesy fish for holding my toothbrushes

I am starting to feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club.… read more “Joel: Homemaker”

Lia Shiala Interview

Lia is named after Lia Point. Yes, I know you were asking that question.

Lia is currently on drugs and does not feel clever, so please forgive her in advance.

Lia is a 20 year old 5th year senior at the University of Washington. She got in at the ripe young age of 16 years old, which is also the age of consent in the state of Washington.… read more “Lia Shiala Interview”