Online Poker and Gambling is Highly Addictive

My sophomore year of college in the fraternity was completely insane, so I became a hermit with Faryar in our apartment for my junior year. I tried out several somewhat addictive activities, but by far the most addicting was online poker. I became pretty good and won a lot, but always ended up losing it all after 14 hour bouts of playing.… read more “Online Poker and Gambling is Highly Addictive”


My humorous friends have decided to throw a “sausage party”. Here is the invite lol.


It’s fall. The air is crispy, the leaves are changing color, and the PCC is lining its shelves with pumpkin ale. This means:

It’s time to have a Sausage Fest!

This Friday, October 12, at 8pm, Ben, Ash and I will be serving up sausage (veggie ones too, though I find the notion blasphemous), beer, fried potatoes, sauerkraut, and anything else we can come up with.… read more “Awesome! SAUSAGE FEST!”