Vacation to Los Angeles

Below are some more of my vacation pictures, this time from the period I spent in Los Angeles with Trent. We went surfing, ate excellent food and visited some pretty hot bars. The pictures below are from our surfing trip to Venice Beach and hiking in Griffith Park. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of surfing Malibu or the massive two pounds of jumbo shrimp and the two big pitchers of beer we ate afterwards at Neptunes.

Trent had an extra wet suit that was about two sizes to small on me and I felt like I was going to suffocate in it, but surfing still rocked. The picture here is from Venice beach.

Dagnabit, I’m good looking 🙂

Beautiful sunset at Venice beach.

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Las Vegas Vacation

I went on vacation from April 18-27 2008 and had an awesome time. I have a ton of photos, so I’m going to break up my descriptions of the trip into bite sized portions. I will do a post on the trip to Vegas, a post on LA, a post on the Getty Art Museum and a post on Father’s Office, PYT and clubs. Most people probably won’t be all that interested in it, but my friends will enjoy the pictures and the sanitized stories lol.

The office show celebrity sighting

Trent and I went to a fancy restaurant when we woke up on Thursday, April 24 2008 to leave on our trip. The restaurant was Joan’s on Third and I actually saw a celebrity there- she was the chick Dwight is in love with in The Office. The evil one. I don’t know what her real name is though.
Audi TT

Trent’s pretty little Audi TT is behind me. Don’t ask me how I fit into it.
Joel with an Audi TT

The Stud himself looking like an LA player.
Los Angeles Freeway

Leaving Los Angeles towards Vegas.
Las Vegas

Trent’s funny little smile bodes well for debaucherous Vegas action.
rest stop with too many employees

We stopped at a rest stop halfway to Vegas and there was 4 “designated rest stop attendants”. They just sat there and did nothing in the middle of the desert. I hate big government.

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