Fondue Party

The fondue party on Tuesday night at Nick’s house in Ballard was tons of fun.‚  Nick had been to several of our weekly dinners so it was his turn to host one himself.‚  The man went all out, inviting 15-20 people to his party, having two cheese fondue pots, two meat fondue pots and a chocolate fondue pot for dessert.‚  I had an awesome time, as you can see below.

I made a joke that I was the King that night: I had a pretty girl on either arm, two meat fondue pots in front of me, more cheese and chocolate fondue pots not pictured and a tasty glass of wine.‚  Oh yeah, and some random dude squeezing his way in over on the left ;).

More palatial eatin’

Talking may way out of wearing Cougar gear… I lost a bet with Katie (below).‚  We now have a new bet- if the Huskies beat their opponent by a larger margin than the Cougs this weekend, I win and Katie has to wear Husky gear next weekend.‚  If the Huskies don’t… then I have to wear Cougar gear for the Apple Cup (god forbid).

Twue Wuv…..

The gracious host of the evening, Nick.

Nick’s nice house:

Why I Don’t Vote Part 2

Watch this video of John McCain abandoning his most fundamental principle (small government, less regulation) at his first sign of crisis. I don’t want this two faced hypocrite with no moral strength as my president.

Barack Obama at least doesn’t abandon his fundamental principles when faced with crisis. However, Barack Obama’s fundamental beliefs are even further away from what I think is right than John McCain’s wavering morals.

You want me to vote for one of these guys?!!?

I refuse. And I say anyone who claims to be picking “the lesser of two evils” is missing the point. Pick the right choice and don’t support our unconstitutional two party system where both parties are scamming the citizens of the United States: DON’T VOTE!

For more information on why I don’t vote, click the link