Mark Cuban: Pure Genius

I finally got around to reading Mark Cuban’s blog today at the behest of Trent. ‚ Cuban has recently reposted his advice on Success & Motivation (great reads). ‚ I strongly suggest you go check them out. ‚ Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

-Win the battles you are in before taking on new battles

-know what the core competencies of your business are and don’t necessarily change your business without thought.… read more “Mark Cuban: Pure Genius”

South Carolina AG Henry McMaster: SLEAZEBALL!

Henry McMaster, the Attorney General of South Carolina trying to run for Governor, has decided to press criminal charges against the founders of Craigslist for allowing ads for prostitution. ‚ The problem is that Craigslist has actually taken enormous steps to remove these ads from it’s listings nationwide, even going so far as to close it’s “Erotic Services” section.… read more “South Carolina AG Henry McMaster: SLEAZEBALL!”


My hair is gone.‚  All of it.

I found a nice electric hair clipper in my new house and decided I should have a new haircut for summer.‚  I was planning on going short, but I didn’t realize it would cut it THIS short lol.

Frightening video of me taken accidentally (I was trying to take pictures and didn’t realize my camera was in video mode):

I thought about stopping with this haircut, but thought my employer may be unhappy with such a decision:

Here’s another:

Crazy photo of me:


The word “work” has so many different meanings to different people that it is useless without context. For me, work has metamorphosised from a damnation into an exultation. For the young Joel, work implied soul-crushing misery mostly because people forced me to do tasks that had no meaning to me: filling out forms at school, weeding gardens that would be full of weeds again two weeks later, and other silly tasks.… read more “Work”

Wolverine, Sex Drive, Bigfoot

Tonight I saw Wolverine: It’s a completely garbage movie.‚  The last couple of weeks my sex drive has been MIA.‚  Not sure what happened to it.‚  Maybe diet, lifestyle, time of year, or something completely different.‚  Driving home on I-90 my speed kept varying wildly between way too fast and normal speed.‚  On one of my normal speed sections I was passed by an SUV going much faster than me followed by a cop.‚ … read more “Wolverine, Sex Drive, Bigfoot”

Does Religion Support Evolutions Goals?

Most religions have two central commands to their followers that also coincide with the central goals of biological life:

  1. Have as many children as possible.
  2. Spread yourselves around geographically.

Religion causes people to do evil things to one another and limits the progress of humanity in many ways, but it has survived in part by espousing the central commands above.… read more “Does Religion Support Evolutions Goals?”