How To Know If You’re Getting Old

Consider these following facts to know if you are getting old:

  1. A 6th grader who watched Avatar become the highest grossing film ever, wasn’t yet born when the last highest grossing film (Titanic) came out.
  2. Most high school seniors weren’t born yet when Bill Clinton became president.
  3. The Little Mermaid just celebrated it’s 21st birthday.

Hermosa Beach Homes

I visited my friends Brian and Kenny in Hermosa Beach, CA today. We played basketball than wandered down the strand looking at beautiful homes. Seeing these palaces on Hermosa Beach really got my motivation engine going again: I would love to work from home living in one of these.

BusinessMan! New Action Figure From Mattel

Mattel is releasing a new action figure named “Businessman!”.  When interviewed as to why Mattel is releasing such a seemingly boring action figure as Businessman, CEO Clark Kent responded, ” In today’s extraordinarily harsh economic environment, it’s important to give the 8-5 peons of the working class and their snotty kids a role model to look up to.”… read more “BusinessMan! New Action Figure From Mattel”

SEO Book Article On Landing Pages

Levi shared this article via Google Buzz yesterday and agree with Peter Da Vanzo 100%.  I have been neck deep in finding the best ways to build landing pages for both PPC and for SEO lately and Peter describes many of the same thoughts & tactics I have found to be true.  A few of them are:

  1. Focus on clickthrough rate
  2. Do everything possible to reduce your bounce rate and increase time on page
  3. Searches are question, so answer the searchers question with your title tag & headline

Good stuff.  … read more “SEO Book Article On Landing Pages”

Rick Reilly Worships Losing

One of ESPN’s star writers wrote an article recently harshly criticizing Coach Greg Wise of Houston Texas’s Yate’s High School basketball team.

What crime has Coach Greg Wise committed? Has he physically assaulted one of his players (as major college coaches have done)? Has he had inappropriate sexual relations with players or students? Has his players been arrested for drug abuse or committed other crimes?… read more “Rick Reilly Worships Losing”