Desktop apps & web apps

Many people have discounted the desktop application as web applications have soared in popularity. I think that will change as desktop apps and web apps become better integrated. You will be able to work on your desktop apps at native speeds while it automatically saves and uploads your work to the web in the background. That way you can access your information anywhere, but still have high speeds at home and work.… read more “Desktop apps & web apps”

Robot Phone Calls

I have been receiving lots of robot phone calls recently, usually with the following message:

“Hi, I found your website on the internet.  Would you like an unending supply of leads? If yes, press 1.  To be removed from our call list, press 9.”

If you don’t press anything, the call quickly disconnects.

This practice is illegal and carries heavy fines… I’m very surprised that companies are getting away with it. … read more “Robot Phone Calls”

WordPress Broken Link Checker DOESN’T WORK!

Warning to anyone who is interested in testing out the Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress: It does not work correctly. My blog has been around for three years and has 1,900 posts and 5,500 comments…. yet the Broken Link Checker Plugin claims that every last one of them works. A simple check of some of my old posts shows links that go to 404 pages.… read more “WordPress Broken Link Checker DOESN’T WORK!”