The Superpower of Leading by Example

Leading by example is a well-known and highly effective management technique documented in both the business world and in the military.  Humans naturally copy the behaviors of other humans around them in their social group.  The attitude and approach to work that one member takes often filters out to all the rest of the humans.

So what does leading by example mean in the context of a small business?

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Best 5 Healthy Habits For Life + Making More!

I have discovered that actively pursuing healthy habits has helped me to reduce my negative habits.  Instead of trying to stop doing certain habitual activities, simply pursue the good ones and the negative habits start to disappear. For instance, I have developed a leaner body by drinking tons of mixed blender drinks with healthy food in them – I don’t starve myself or resist bad foods, I simply stay full with good healthy food so I don’t have hunger cravings for bad stuff.  … read more “Best 5 Healthy Habits For Life + Making More!”

4 BigCommerce SEO Fundamentals

I am the owner of Coalition Technologies, a Platinum Partner to BigCommerce, where we offer comprehensive online marketing services.  Our team is 23 members strong, about half of whom focus on design and development and the other half focus on search engine optimization (SEO) for BigCommerce.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for BigCommerce is relatively straightforward due to the great platform Mitch and his team have been able to put together.  … read more “4 BigCommerce SEO Fundamentals”

How is Life Without Television?

After I graduated from college I got rid of my television.  What is life without television like?

  • When I do watch television, I find it to be:
    • Fascinating.  I can see how easily it can suck you in and take hours each day.
    • Frighteningly bad.  So many of the television shows never actually go anywhere or teach anything or even have very good production values.
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