Where To Live Long Run

Laurel and I continue to debate about where would be best for us to live long term:

  • Culver City – close to business, close to rock climbing gym & good activities
  • Long Beach / PV – less expensive (but still expensive), close to Jeremy and Dorothy, 1 hour drive to work
  • Puyallup – no income taxes, lowest cost housing, family nearby, nothing fun to do, long way from business
  • Other options – Big Bear?
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Expanded Career Advice

I will expand on my previous post where I quoted someone from Reddit saying basically that no one knows what to do with their lives and when you try something you often build more enthusiasm for it.

I think that this is something that is very true. If you bring passion to your job (whatever it is – garbage man, graveyard shift shelf stocker, financial analyst, etc), you will over time grow more excited about your work.… read more “Expanded Career Advice”

The High Cost of Travel Time

One important factor many people don’t consider is the cost of travel time.
Many times when we travel, we can spend 3- 24 hours of travel time. This is time that is generally uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. It is time that is lost productivity (we can’t work or exercise effectively). It affects the productivity of the time before & after with recovery.
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Ideal Life

I would love to do extensive physical exercise every day and learn new things hands-on. I would like to learn more about how electricity and computers work by building circuits and relays and gadgets by hand. I would like to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail.

Not Enough Time

I always feel like I don’t have enough time to work on everything I need to get done. I really want to spend some time finishing up my copy management toolset in Scoretask, but have been bogged down in employee and client meetings and hundreds of emails. Even my usual sacred time, the weekends, has been busier and hasn’t given me as much time as I want to build my tool.… read more “Not Enough Time”