House of Representatives

America’s founders originally intended us to have 30k people per House representative. Currently, we have over 750k per representative.

We could go back to 30k per representative if we had them meet online for the most part maybe? Or just use a conference center to meet.

Firing Sessions is Horrifying

Jeff Sessions was Donald Trump’s strongest supporter from the start of the campaign. Sessions was rewarded with the cabinet position for this.

In a move that reminds everyone of fascist dictatorships, Trump fired Sessions because Sessions put country over personal loyalty.

America is turning into North Korea. Its just a matter of time till Trump has people gunned down with anti-aircraft guns.

Economic Laws Should Dictate More Public Policy

Basic economic law should dictate much more public policy. The laws of supply and demand, gains from specialization and trade, and other economic laws should make decision-making far simpler and public policy.

Affordable housing could be had for all with laws that allow for much more high-density housing, and permitting rules are much quicker and easier to go through. Developers would build tons more housing and drive prices down.

Healthcare, legal help, internet and many other areas could have far lower prices by removing the government issued monopolies (franchised monopolies). Government should not limit practice in any field by issuing licenses. People could rely upon private organizations that issue licenses instead. People are afraid that quality would go down under a system like this, however if you compare Yelp to government issued restaurant ratings you will find that the private review sites are far more accurate.

Processed Sugar Industry, Candy & Halloween

The health effects of processed sugar are well known by everyone:

Processed sugar (aka CANDY) is a poison to human beings. Pretty much every function of your body gets into trouble when you eat sugar.

So why is Halloween a giant holiday? Why does Halloween alone lead to $9 billion in candy (processed sugar) sales?

Why do parents who ordinarily take good care of their kids allow them to eat large amounts of poisonous processed sugar?

I don’t know… Halloween is fun and it is cute to see kids in outfits. I enjoyed that myself. But it was depressing that over half the kids who came to my door yesterday were obese… that is not their fault, but it will haunt them throughout their lives.