Zwift Weight Cheaters

My two year old son weighs nearly 20 kg and is by no means overweight… The 34 kg Skul kid looks like he is at least 12 in his photos and much heavier. Maybe Zwift should have separate kids races so they can just cheat against each other there.

It’s ridiculous for an elite A riders averaging 5 wkg and 362 watts over a race to loseā€¦… read more “Zwift Weight Cheaters”

Supply chain shortages

Both political parties are to blame. Trump and the Republicans pushed through the first massive multi trillion dollar money printing package, Biden and the Democrats pushed through the next one and then stopped the Keystone pipeline from coming online.

Let the free market work. Republicans need to cut their support for the patent system (granting of monopolies destroys competition), and Democrats need to drop support for entitlements.… read more “Supply chain shortages”