Dating is Sales

The correlation between dating and sales is unmistakable. Many steps in both processes are an exact match for one another. Below I am going to compare how the dating and sales processes work and also analyze my own current performance. Hopefully you will be able to gain some takeaways for your own life.

Step Sales Dating Joel
Research What am I selling and who is my customer? Determine focus. What type of person do I want to date? Find the qualities that you are compatible with. Beautiful, intelligent females with personality near my age group.
Targeting Where is my customers and how can I reach them? Where and how will I meet the person I want? Best way is through friends and social events; bars rarely work well.
Introduction How do I get in front of my potential customer? Get them to listen to you with an open mind. Initially approaching women or men is hard. Overcome fear the fear of rejection. Fearlessness & confidence are the key. Gain them through practice.
Qualification What value do I offer to my potential customer? Why is my product/ service good for them? Bragging fails, but you need to somehow convey your best traits. I have the most difficulty here because I am naturally laid back. Need to show off a bit.
Proposal Get their contact information and plan a time to give a formal proposal. Obtain phone number or another future contact method. High rate of success by the time I reach this stage.
Negotiation Process of talking on the phone or meeting in person to determine details. Calling or texting in order to engage and plan initial date. Maybe too much dawdling on my part during the inital phone call.
Closing Coming to an agreement to move forward Passing the first few dates My specialty. I am a very entertaining person.
Transaction Cash in the bank, contract in hand. Solidified emotional connection. Usually fairly successful.
Retention Keep client through the years? Long term relationships? I get bored or annoyed often.

I am sure if you think about it you will come up with even more correlations between dating and sales than I have here. ‚ Do you have any ideas you would like to add?

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