Dog Lookalikes

People who look like their dogs are very amusing to me for some strange reason. Why would you buy a dog that you looked like? Do you want people to think of you as a dog? Your girlfriend to picture a dog when she’s making pups with you? Anyways, dog look-a-likes are pretty funny. I have a few pictures of these people below. Also, have you ever noticed people’s dogs and cats take on their personalities a little bit? You can tell a lot about a person by looking and playing with their animal.

Person who looks like their dog

Man who has a dog lookalike

Another man with a look-a-like dog

Skinny man looks like dog

Man looks like his spaniel dog

Woman who appears like her dog

I have known tons of dog owners through my life and I am always amused to find that people’s personalities become reflected back to them in their pets, probably because the pets never spend time with anyone else. I know a desperate girl who’s dog constantly whines and begs for attention, just like her. Or a guy who’s dog is super friendly. Or another girl who’s dog looks like her and is a little bisnitch just like her lol. Does anyone have any stories of dogs that looked or acted like their owners?

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  1. I could… but I don’t know who the photographer was originally. These pics have been reposted all over the internet and I have no idea who got them originally.

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