Don’t you just love…

-Beautiful blue skies that encourage you to run frolicking naked, only to find it’s 45 degrees out?
-The homeless person outside of Zeitgeist who tries to sell you a free newspaper for $.50?
-How sometimes, even after washing, your fingers still smell like pussy?
-Fighting against your boss to make his business more efficient so he makes more money?
-The fact that every day you are one day closer to death?
-Toilet paper only cleans 70% of poo with each wipe, so that no matter how many swipes you take, you are still dirty?
-Battling against someone you like to see them more often, when they should want it more than you?
-Douchebags who try to talk a big game, then when called out on it, disappear?
-Doing someone a big favor, then have them resent you for it?
-The one time you get the ball, you score on a 60 yard TD run, then you don’t get another pass in the game?
-The less interested you are in someone, the more interested in you they are?
-America has cured erectile dysfunction, but cancer still is rampant?
-The religious right claim that AIDs is a cure for homosexuality?
-The Bible says because one woman ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge (isn’t knowledge good?!), all women for the rest of history must bleed monthly and suffer during childbirth.. but God is still good?
-Superman wears man panties?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.