Education System vs. Real World

Our education system is designed to crush curious children’s souls. It is laid out in a bureacratic, extremely regimented way that tries to hide and slow individual achievement. For instance, when brilliant children figure out concepts much faster than their peers, they are not allowed to jump to the next subject. They have to wait and wait and wait until even the dumbest kid in the class understands the concept before moving on. My interest in learning in the conventional classroom environment was extinguished before I reached the 2nd grade. I think it is a tragedy that so many little boys and girls are needlessly medicated in today’s society; if a little kid is bored, he’ll usually talk and throw things and get into trouble. This does not mean that he needs drugs, it means that he needs stimulation and discipline.

Throughout my life all the way until I graduated from college, people trying to make the “real world” sound like a terrifying place you didn’t want to go and that you should try to stay in the comfortable security blanket of the socialized education system for as long as possible. I think that that was one of the most misleading beliefs I’ve ever run across. The real world is a million times more fun than the educational system was. I have recently begun work on starting my own business and I think my mental wings that were broken by Cascade Christian School are finally beginning to mend and spread again.

The free market economy of America is incredibly great. The knowledge that if I make a better widget or have a better idea or can interact with people more efficiently than others, I will be rewarded is a wonderful feeling. The amount of effort I put in is directly correlated to what I get out. It’s not socialized education anymore, where everyone moves at the same glacial pace that works for no one. The world is my oyster.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.