2 thoughts on “Elevator Racism”

  1. I do not agree.
    First: I have never seen a woman doing that, including myself. And I have been in many elevators….

    Second: This video is very very aggressive and against woman in general ( calling a woman bitch IS aggressive and hurtful).
    So I ask myself, may it be that such an angry man , if described really happens to him,is scaring those women in the elevator simply by having such aggressive and violent appearance. We are like animals , specially women are very sensitive and feel inner emotions.

    If this would have been a softer appeal to “the white woman“ and I would see a man(actor) that is truly hurt by such behavior of white women, I would have considered this and probably felt sympathy.

    On the other hand there are some points which are generally true: The victims of crimes are probably more often the ones who have this self protective behavior.
    And of course I also don`t deny that there ARE some people out there who are indeed act this way and there are some who are indeed racists, as well. But mostly I think it is rather prejudgment in most cases. People have to be careful using the word racist for everything!

  2. he’s an arsheole and prt of what is wrong with america and the white world in general. You bend over backwoards to accomodate everyone and allow them to abuse you even when thy prove the stryotypes about themselves right time and time again

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