Excellent Dinner

On Monday evening I had another great dinner with friends at my place. I had asked the greatest chef in Seattle, Ian Coleman, to show me how to make beef tartare. Beef tartare ended up being our main course. To make it, Ian chopped up 2/3 top sirloin and 1/3 chuck (I think) to a very fine mixture. Ian Coleman then added Worcestire sauce, capers, shallots and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember lol. We had several pounds of beef tartare to go between 8 people, with soft-boiled eggs to go on top. Our side dish was a salad that Ian’s chef buddy Lucas brought over that was also top shelf. To top it all off we had a couple bottles of good wine and then lots of bottles of decent cheaper wine. One of the best meals I’ve had and we would’ve paid over a thousand dollars for it in a restaurant, but it was free. Utterly amazing.

The company was pretty darn good too: Ian Coleman, his girlfriend Diana, Eric Hendrickson, his girlfriend Amy, Lucas, his girlfriend, and the ever present Plato. Everyone was laid back and had a great time. Later in the evening, we went up on my roof and looked at the beautiful view of Seattle. After a while, it started raining so we went back down to my studio and ate some very tasty asparagus spears I made. The asparagus spears were baked in olive oil, butter, balsamic vinagreitte, Johnny’s Salad Elegance, pepper, and salt. When we pulled them out of the oven they were nice and hot, but still had just a bit of crunch to them. To die for.

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