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While perusing the internets, a certain hilarious coworker recommended to me to check out the Failure blog when I got a chance. So I Googled the blog and found some really funny pictures. I have displayed some funny failure blog photos and pictures below for my readers amusement. If you like them, Google the “Fail Blog”!!!
funny failure blog

These Jersey boy failiures have to be some of the biggest shames to their mothers of anyone ever. Look at their fake tans and disgusting soulless eyes!
funny failure site
funny failed blog

Hahahah… I have no idea how this big machine operator failed, but its funny.
funny failed site

Oops. Looks like the semi-truck driver in this photo failed to secure his load.
hilarious failure pictures

Failure to protect thyself results in your face getting bitten off.
hilarious failure photos

The dog in this picture failed to keep his eye on the ball.
funny fail photos

As did the football player in this failure photo.
funny fail pictures

Nothing makes me sadder than viewing the poor cat in this fail picture who can’t eat.


funny fail pic

What in….!!!!!!! This giraffe is having a huge failure of species recognition.
hilarious failures site

Don’t let this failure be your child.
hilarious failures blog

More white trash trailer boys failing not to be losers.
funny failing pictures

Once again, this photo shows a failure to properly secure your load.
funny failing photos

Failure to solve the simple equation.
fail blog

Failure to keep your stomach juice where it belongs in this picture.
fail site

The WORST failure to properly secure a load is shown in this photo.
fail photo

These failures deserve whatever they get.
fail picture

Another failure to properly secure a load in this photo.
failure photo

Hahhahaha… Failure to FLUSH!!!
funny failure picture

The picture above shows a man who failed to take care of himself properly.
funny failure pictures

Ouch. This failure took some time.

funny failing photos and pictures

The Japanese in this picture failed to properly consider all the ramifications of the way they built this giant blow up toy.

Something tells me this man will not actually fail in his attempt.

funny bad fails

Failure to light the right end of her cigarette.
funny failure to not properly secure a load

Certain manners are expected when applying for a job or you will fail!

funny failings crack me up

The poor rodeo clown in this picture is about to fail to escape from a raging calf.

Funny failures

Fail to win the wrestling match and avoid having ones head in the sweaty pubes of another.
Failure blog about funny pictures and photos

Failure to secure one’s braids can result in a lost tennis match.
Hilarious failure blog featuring braids and tennis

Fail to take care of your boat and it will look like this.

Funny boat failure

Fail to win a fight and you will look like this fruitcake.
Failure to funny blog

Oh. Wow. I love this light switch.
Funny failing blog and site with pictures and photos

Failure to retrieve your chips out of the vending machine.
Failure to properly use a vending machine

Uh oh. The poor chap in this failure photo is about to have a massive horse fall on him.

failure to pull your pants up

I like this discretion failure. Cute little booty.

Fail plane with funny pictures.

“Who failed to fix my plane!”
Someone needed to secure this whale down before driving away.

Gross. I think this is the nastiest failure to secure a load we’ve seen yet.
Failure to observe human rights violations.

And this was probably the most painful failure to secure a load.

Civil rights failure for people.

Someone failed to build a fence in this photo.

Deportation is a failure of the border system.

The cow here failed to think of how to get its head back out when it stuck it in this bar trap.

Failing to convert on fourth down is bad.

Now this picture is just plain sad.

Do not fail to make a good blog or site with pictures and photos.

Look at the poor chap on the right. He is missing a certain something….

Police fail sometimes to properly observe the procedures they need to do and the result is Rodney King photos.

Train failed to board properly.

Failing to understand the world will result in a car driving off jacks.

“Sorry boss, I failed to not drive the car off the end of the jacks.”

Do not fail to see the results of your ideas.

Failure to put the top down on your corvette during a snowstorm.

Failure blog supersite

I don’t so much know if I would do any attacking either if I was this cat. Look at all those raccoons! Those things are bloody vicious.

The failure blog is a great page.

Failure to properly heed the drive carefully sign will result in accidents.

I hope you enjoyed all of the fail photos and funny failure blog pictures that I managed to scrape up for you! If you would like to see more failure pictures of photos, remember to go Google “Fail Blog”! Anyways, I need to get back to getting ready for work before I fail to show up and get my toosh fired! 🙂

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