Flag football Playoff Game

The team we played tonight in the first game of the playoffs had 12 players in matching jerseys; Griffith Gladiators embroidered on the front and their last names on their backs. They all had their girlfriends and other friends watching them in a big cheering section, while we just had ourselves. Our team had 8 guys (7 of which are on the field at any one time) in ragtag outfits. I forgot that I was supposed to wear a dark colored shirt and so I didn’t get any passes during the game because I looked like the opponents.

Our team got down 13-0 early in the game and we were on defense with me playing the guy who rushes the QB. Their QB is a cocky bastard named Chad who played on my team over the summer. They had us on the goal line with 4 downs, but I sacked the QB on the first play, made him hurry the second and batted down his fourth down pass. I kept after him all game, watching his eyes to see where he was going to throw it and sacked him 2 more times and batted down another 4 passes, while making him so frustrated he started throwing side arm to try to get it around me or lobbing it high up in the air for interceptions. Our team went on to score 5 touchdowns in a row, while shutting them completely down on defense. Most games, you are lucky to stop an offense once or twice and you may get an interception or two. Instead, our team 4 and outed them every time.

We have our next game next Sunday and if we win the first one, we will play again immediately for the championship in a double-header. Anyone interested is welcome to come and watch. They haven’t posted the game time yet, but the schedule is here.

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