Fox News Bias

Any reader of Fox News could write articles like this daily. If you visit the homepage today, you will see a leading headline with several stories about Pelosi visiting a hair salon. The actual article title is so biased it is silly, “Politics’ Marie Antoinette: Pelosi’s salon visit shows she’s part of hypocritical elite: critic”. This is clearly opinion masquerading as news. Further, this story has been a leading headline for 48 hours… But who cares if she got her haircut? It sounds like she went alone to a salon that was closed, generally following social distancing guidelines. Pelosi is Trump and Fox’s favorite whipping girl of the left… They find it easy to try to villainize an elderly lady.

Update – tonight again this is the leading story on fox news with four articles written on it.

Another example of Fox News bias is their treatment of Trump vs Cuomo.

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Joel Gross

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