Fox News: Cuomo vs Trump

I have read daily for years along with,, and if I had to rate the bias of each media company, would be 100 while and would be a 2 and would be a 1. is so biased you simply can’t trust anything they show you.

A great example of this is fox news treatment of sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo vs those against Trump. Two women say Cuomo asked them sexually suggestive questions about their dating lives. Twenty five women say Trump sexually harassed them including his ex-wife Ivana who said he raped her, Apprentice contestants who were groped and kissed and otherwise molested, and a video of him saying he does exactly this to many women he runs across. published stories and opinion pieces that said Trump was just the victim of media bias and attacks. Now with Cuomo it has made him the lead story for two weeks on the website and tried to paint him as a monster.

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Joel Gross

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