Fox News Misleading Headlines Recently

The headlines below are just examples from one or two days of what Fox News posted on their website. You will see several themes anytime you look at headlines and articles on Fox News:

  1. Content designed to make you angry or aroused. Typically this will be stories that aren’t really national news – just stuff that happens constantly in a nation of 400 million people. Stuff like teachers having sex with students, rapists, interracial crimes, outrageous opinions held by one or two people nationwide (“liberal professor says all conservative students should be expelled”).
  2. Opinions as headlines. This is both the opinions of Fox News commentators and the opinions of their favorite politicians (see Donald Trump Juniors opinion below).
  3. Opposing party politicians demonized. You will see they especially pick on the more extreme politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… she is probably the most junior and unimportant Democrat out there, but she makes a great foil since she is a young female socialist who occasionally says silly things. You will also notice that they pick the worst possible photos of Pelosi / Clinton / etc. This is not fair and balanced reporting, it is National Enquirer style attacks.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.